Lourdes Matha Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology

All the members of the staff and students of the college are entitled to use the library which has nearly 5000 volumes of books and more than 60 journals and periodicals, both Indian and foreign.

Digital library facility with 700 volume of books are accessible inside the campus using the address


Library rules and regulations


  1. All the personal belongings such as text books, note books, umbrellas etc should be kept in the property counter. However paper for taking down notes can be taken into the library.
  2. Books in the reference section are not for borrowing.
  3. The library is open on all working days from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm and on Saturdays from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm
    Books will not be issued during vacation.
  4. Strict silence should be maintained within the library. The students have to display their identity card on demand by the library staff.
  5. Writing or underlining in the books, periodicals, journals etc are not allowed.
  6. The person in whose name the book is issued will be liable to pay compensation to the damages or loss of the book as decided by the college.
  7. A member can borrow 2 books/magazines at a time from the library.
  8. Each student will be given two borrowers tickets. On taking the book from the library the student will have to surrender one ticket for one book and the ticket will be given back on return of the book. Penalty for loss of borrowers ticket is Rs 50/.
  9. The period of loan of book will be for 15 days including the day of issue. If the book is not returned on the 15th day a fine of Re 1/- per day, per book for the first week, Rs 2/- per day per book for the second week and Rs 10/- each for the subsequent weeks will be charged. If a student is absent on medical grounds the fine will be waived on recommendation by the concerned Head of the department.
  10. Members are not allowed to sub lend the books borrowed from the library.
  11. Periodicals are regarded as reference books.
  12. Foreign books will be provided only for reference.
  13. Members of staff can borrow four books at a time and all the books should be returned before the last working day of the year.