The Programme

Lourdes Matha Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology



BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) is a 4-year graduate programme, which offers introduction to the world of hospitality and dwells in depth into providing a good understanding of the industry. This program is designed to provide a sound understanding of the intricacies of managing and working of the hospitality industry. With the rapid development of tourism in the country there is an ever-growing demand for personnel in management and hospitality cadre.


The whole content of the course is uniquely complemented by extensive use of the latest technology to keep the students abreast of the industry requirement. The study combines the theoretical aspects required with practical exposure provided by way of industry interface and professional training.


The students undergoing this course will have to cover subjects such as Food & Beverage Production, Food & Beverage service, Front Office, House Keeping, Communicative English, Food science and Nutrition, Travel and Tourism, Computer application, economics, Business law, Management subjects related to marketing, human resource, service, finance etc. Also they have to study Foreign languages like French, German etc and also Event Management, Facility Management, Entrepreneurship development etc.


Job Prospects

Hotel Management professional Degree holders have immense chances in the following stream.

  • Management posts in classified star hotels and allied industries.
  • Airlines as Cabin Crew and Air Hostess.
  • Hospitality Executives in MNCs.
  • Hotel Management and Food Craft Institutes.
  • Catering Officers in cruising (ships).
  • Marketing and Sales Executives in hotels and MNCs.
  • Faculty in hotel management & food craft institite.
  • Administration in hospitals.
  • Catering officers in leading bank.
  • Catering officers in industrial Catering
  • Facility manager- information technology
  • Officers- Department of Tourism
  • Ample opportunity in going abroad
  • Catering Officers – Indian Railway