SC/ST Complaints/Grievances Committee

A SC/ST cell has been constituted in the college as per directions of the University of Kerala to register and address the complaints/grievances of SC/ST students. The committee is headed by the present Convener of the college Mr F.D. Dinesh Kumar, along with twomembersMr Ajith Kumar.P.S and Mr Santhosh Kumar. J. Staff form a complaint/grievances register for the students will be placed at the Office of TA to The Principal in the college premises. The cell resolves any discriminating approach made towards SC/ST students.

SC/ST Cell has been constituted in the Institute to resolve all the affairs and problems related to the SC/ST Students of the Institute. Following are the important work under SC/ST Cell:

  • All affairs related to SC/ST.
  • All affairs related to SC/ST reservation implemented in the Institute according to Indian Government Policy.
  • Registering the complaints in writing from of SC/ST students and address it to concerned department,person, section for its resolution.
  • Nomination of SC/ST students for Cell at Institute level.




  • To improve the academic skills & linguistic proficiency of students in various subjects.
  • To raise their level of Comprehension of basic subjects to provide a stronger foundation for further academic work.
  • To strengthen their knowledge, skills & attitudes in such subjects where quantitative & qualitative techniques and laboratory activities are involved, so that the necessary guidance and training provided under the programme may enable the students to come up to the level necessary for pursuing higher studies efficiently to reduce their failure and dropout rate.
  • To provide career guidance and psychological counselling for capacity building to those who are in need of such counselling.