LMCST Hotel Management

Research and Development

Lourdes Matha Institute Of Hotel Management And Catering Technology is always ahead to stand out competition and in implementing innovative ideas. Research and Development activities are carried out every year from the beginining of the BHM course. Research conducted by our students are applicable to the society, innovative and economical.

Dedicated Research and Development Cell is the major asset of Lourdes Matha Institute Of Hotel Management And Catering Technology. Students will have to undertake a research project on an innovative topics from various areas in Hotel Management and related branches in the curriculum. The research project is intended to develop ability to apply multi-disciplinary concepts, tools and techniques to deal with any subject related to hospitality industry with inquisitive thinking. We have a compact team of highly qualified and talented faculties with expertise in various technology streams and exposure to several industry verticals. With their ability to think out of the box and their determination to deliver the best, the students come up with innovative and path-breaking solutions that meet the research requirements. The faculties and students involved in Research and Development headed by Dr. Suni Mary Varghese, Fculty and Research Co-ordinator, guides the students and ensures the availability of technical and creative knowledge, among the students to bring out the results in shorter span of the semester. It’s the quality and caliber of the students engaged in each research project to gather information, imagination and initiative in deriving greater resources, ensures its successful completion. Novel ideas are generated and converted into value added products. It requires a long term planning by the Research and Development Cell, on the technical aspects prior to designing strategies that meet the needs of the food industry.

Through research we aim the development of the public by improving their well-being, health, and knowledge in Food Sector. Our students have carried out Hospitality Research in domains like Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, House Keeping, Front Office, Food Science, Hotel Engineering, Accounting softwares, Management Topics, Hospitality Marketing, Environmental Issues and Eco friendly Hotels, Food Safety & Quality Control, Food & Beverage Control, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Managerial Economics, Fast Food Chain Management, Event Management, Hospitality Management in Aviation & Cruise lines, Time Share And Condominium Management, Health And Nutrition, Organisational Behaviour, National and Inter-national Cuisine, Industrial Catering and many other related fields.

Major areas of research includes